We at Borlino believe that we should all give what we can to help the world around us. If not money, then our time. Our prayers. And our compassion. That is why we have chosen Love 146 as our "Giving Back" partner. Love 146 is an organization who dreams of ending child sex slavery and exploitation. We have that same dream and know every dime in support helps. We ask that you visit and learn about this organization and let your heart lead you how to help.

It's estimated that human trafficking generates $32 Billion a year. That makes it the second most lucritive crime. But it is by far the most horrific crime of all. Two children are sold every minute of every day. That's 1.2 million children a year. The primary reasons are sexual exploitation such as prostitution, pornography, trafficking and sex tourism.

Give direct or we'll give for you. But give. Please.